Cryptoverse NFT Early Launch!

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October 01, 2021 – October 08, 2021





Mint your own rarity!

Introducing the world's first skill-based NFT where you are in complete control of your own award. Leave behind blind boxes, button mashing, random rewards, ridiculous gas fees, hidden advantages, and the need for large wallets. Obtain exactly what you have earned.

How does it work?

Forecast the price of BTC over the next three days. Your accuracy score recorded and tracked through leaderboards will determine your rarity and value.

What can I do with my NFT?

Besides bragging rights, you can use your NFT in any of the planned communities. This includes earning Ethereum rewards in rankings and lottery, minting avatars, gaming, etc. the community of holders and developers will decide how the cryptoverse will expand.

How do I start?

At this time we are holding an introductory launch — to mark the deployment of the smart contract. 1,000 NFTs will be offered at 0.015 ETH, at cost to mint the NFT results and scores. Afterwards, prices will rise up to 0.040 at completion of the community sites.

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