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March 07, 2022 – March 14, 2022



Cryptotoday.Com will be dropping exclusive 12 unique nfts. 
Our nfts are trooper avatars, and we are calling our community members; troopers.
Trooper nfts are a lifetime limited edition collection, that will be rewarded to our community supporters. 

No whitelist - no public sale 

Cryptotoday.Com is a decentralized crypto data provider - with vote-2-earn gamification. Our fair launch will be on our website on the 7th of march 2022. 

Fair listings
Fast and fair listings for every project regardless of their status. Dependable listing time with a transparent community reward system. Newly listed projects will have high community awareness from day 1.

A community-driven research platform for crypto assets. Data that is transparent and fair is shared across the community. By being a member of the community, you learn about new projects every day while at the same time helping make the crypto space safer and genuinely decentralized. 

Vote 2 earn 
Gamified mechanics for voting and platform activity. A simple and efficient voting system will incentivize the user to validate a project's authenticity. Users will get rewards and weight for consecutive successful votes by voting correctly.

Check out our whitepaper @ cryptotoday.Com

Tags: #dao

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