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May 28, 2023 – June 04, 2023



CryptoFingerPrints NFTs is a project based on real human fingerprints on the SOLANA blockchain. This is the first project to use 16-bit retro style on more than 40k real fingerprints not generated by a template or base image, 100% real.

First Goal - Donation

In cryptofingerprint we are aware of the global situation of hunger, poverty, the struggle for inclusion and social justice, so we want to make a donation to an organization that is intended for humanitarian aid.

That's why our main goal is to reach 50% of sales of the arts to activate the milestone of the donation of 5% of total sales until the end of the mint. Helping the most needy is never difficult, so Let's change the world one finger at a time.

Second Goal  -  75% of the sales 

We will raffle among all holders via Discord channel a total of 5K in SOL for 10 winners.

Third Goal 3 - 100% of the sales

The BIG raffle among the 5 biggest buyers for a total of 10k$.

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