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March 31, 2023 – April 07, 2023





About the Project
It is with great excitement that we would like to announce our new CryptoCapys NFT collection that should launch in Q1 2023 (exact date pending) on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection consists of 7,777 unique capybara-themed NFTs minted for all animal lovers (especially capybara lovers). The collection consists of over 150 total assets grouped in over 10 different layer types, generating a possible count of over a quadrillion combinations. Each NFT is comprised of a variety of attributes, including but not limited to, backgrounds, hats, eyes, eyewear, clothes, accessories, mouth, facial hair, and fur color. Moreover, the collection will include a variety of special or rare assets, that shall be revealed progressively until launch.

We also hope to give our NFTs additional utility by using them to grant access to exclusive content in the CryptoCapys video game that SB Software will develop granted the sellout of the collection. Lastly, each attribute presented in our collection is hand-drawn by Pixie, our talented artist, who shares our passion for capybaras, generated by our dev team, and handpicked by our admins. 

SB Software commits itself to develop a CryptoCapys video game if the NFT collection sells out. Duff, our Lead Developer, has game development experience, and is excited to get this project started. The game will be 2D and will include both an adventure and MMO mode. It will likely be a battle-style game with CryptoCapy bosses to fight. Any of the ideas relating to the video game are subject to change as we will take suggestions from the community about how to make this game as fun as possible. The game will be free-to-play with in-game benefits for CryptoCapys NFT owners such as cosmetic skins, access to more sections or chat rooms, etc.

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