Ccryptoalienx auction first 100 nft

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November 13, 2022 – November 20, 2022





A collection of somewhat curious and extroverted pixelated aliens, perfect to use as a profile picture, since they are striking in the eyes of any person. the common land price of an NFT of this collection is around 200 USD, in said auction they will be at a land price of 10 USD, and a maximum price of 35 USD.

Why buy?

CryptoAlien X is a collection that has a great background and community behind it, which has been waiting for many people to be able to be bought, with which it has a great tendency to rise, said NFTs will have the integration in a video in the future Web3 game in which you will have the possibility of winning and increasing the value and income of your NFT, with which the rate of increase in the price of each NFT is quite valuable.

NFT Network: Ethereum

Total collection amount: 3000 NFT

Auction Quantity: 100

Verified collection: in process

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