Crypto Won't Die

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November 27, 2022 – December 04, 2022





Crypto Won’t Die (CWD) is a ‘for fun’ proof of solidarity NFT collection that has been curated as a way for the NFT/Crypto/Web3 Community to stand strong together during these trying and uncertain times. Our objective is to create a fun, yet supportive community that is bonded by a shared belief that Crypto Won’t Die. On top of our cutesy cartoon art that we believe is already worth more than the mint value in itself, we envision CWD as a platform for NFT/Crypto/Web3 enthusiasts to show their support to the continuity and survival of the blockchain technology. We want to start a virtuous cycle of mutual support and spread love in the community, to combat the never-ending FUD and negativities that seems to grip the space. Change starts with individuals, you can make a change! Benefits from raffle: 1) 40x 1:1 CWD with benefits & utilities 2) 10x Lucky Winners will win 1ETH 3) Join our PVT Alpha-Degen DC (5,000 people only) Mint Date: 26 November 8PM GMT+4 (Dubai)" Mint Price: Free Mint Supply: 12,000 Requirements for entry: Follow @ProjectCWD on Twitter ( Like & retweet this tweet (

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