Crypto Women Dailies

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March 07, 2022 – March 14, 2022





Crypto Women Dailies releases 18 new unique tokens representing the years 2009-2011 on Rarible. 

Each token in this series is an original hand painted portrait motion artwork (NOT computer generated), reflecting an important date in Bitcoin price history. The ticker tape reflects the actual historical price indexes of that date.

The entire Crypto Women Dailies collection contains 150 unique tokens representing the years 2009-2022, to be released in mini-drops throughout 2022, of 12 new unique tokens for each successive year series. 

2009-2011 tokens go on sale Monday, March 7th at noon PST. These are extremely Limited Editions raging from 2-10 available per unique token, depending on the artwork. All tokens are priced equally at 0.07 ETH, listed on Rarible marketplace. 

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