Crypto Lottery Club Golden Ticket

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February 28, 2023 – March 07, 2023







The idea of Crypto Lottery Club (CLC) was created in 2022 and this is a long term project for all of us. We are thrill that CLC is finally ready to launch in 2023. The idea of the CLC is to bring awareness of Metaverse, Crypto and NFTs to the world. In addition to give back to the community, we believe in giving back to the world, we plan to do tons of lottery between CLC owner. The goal is to invite people dive into the Metaverse early, so at the end of Phase 3, we might purchase a land in The Sandbox and build our own space, or launch more lottery.

Phase 1:

A total of 1000 Crypto Lottery Club Golden Ticket (CLCGT) will be release for minting. The mint price for CLCGT will be fix at 0.06 ETH. Once all 1000 CLCGT are sold out, we will start our lottery one week after. The lottery for CLCGT will be in monthly basis, and the planning are up to 12 times at the moment, but we hope to raise up the times of lottery. In every cycle of CLCGT lottery, we will pick 1 winner to win 3 ETH, which mean we will have 36 ETH giving out back to the community. Other than entering the monthly lottery, all original CLCGT owner will receive an airdrop to enter Phase 2.

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