Cryptagion Genesis

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March 21, 2022 – March 28, 2022





Cryptagion is a unique P2E NFT trading card game positioned to lead blockchain gaming with the purest form of digital ownership. The large variety of NFT traits, stats, specials, boosters, upgrades, and ecosystem variables make for an immersive & rewarding experience for crypto rookies & gaming veterans alike.

Cryptagion Highlights

Strategic, fully customizable gameplay
Working Beta ready for release
NFT 2.0
All stats, traits, & gameplay stored on-chain
With over 663,225,000 unique NFT combinations!
Play-to-earn model on Ethereum

Cryptagion’s Mission

Fuse world class gaming experiences with blockchain technology to enable fully decentralized ownership of digital assets
Create an inclusive & sustainable gaming ecosystem for users of all technical levels, experiences, and demographics.
Enable blockchain adoption through a value driven and community focused approach that benefits all ecosystem contributors.

Players collect, trade, & compete by enhancing & battling their Ethogen NFT’s to create the ultimate infectious army.  Incubate your favorite Ethogen to prepare for various intergalactic simulations, PVP tournaments, and countless contests to establish yourself as the ultimate player, Ethogenist Prime.

The Cryptagion ecosystem enables users to earn its native utility token (SICK) through gaming experiences for participating in various activities. Use SICK to govern the direction of the Cryptagion ecosystem, get new NFT card packs, and leverage the laboratory to modify traits, boost stats, & increase overall competitiveness.

Genesis Ethogen Mint

Public Mint: March 31
Whitelist Mint: March 30
Total Supply: 19,926
Price: 3 tiers of NFT card packs
Silver - .006 ETH
Gold .06 ETH
Platinum .6 ETH



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