Crypsybear Halloween Special

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October 29, 2021 – October 31, 2021





Crypsybear is socially critical art in the digital ecosystem whose proceeds go to children's aid projects. 

Each unique masterpiece of NFT comes with a simple message:

"more writing, less fries", "more books, less burgers", "make more music, eat less dogs", ...

Now your time is running out ... to buy the halloween special. The auction is running until halloween, so let's do this:

"On halloween spread love, don't spread the virus."

50% of the sales will be donated to UNICEF. We would love you to participate. And remember: if you don’t love crypsybear art, you can still go directly to UNICEF and make a donation. 

All crypsybear NFTs are unique handmade one off pieces that stand out of the crowd. A new NFT will be released once per week. Grab your chance to get the halloween special 2021 NFT.

Let's all have an awesome halloween. Stay safe.

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