Creechers of Creetopia

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December 09, 2021 – December 16, 2021





Mindrain is announcing the NFT project "Creechers of Creetopia" on December 9, 2021. The project creates a unique category of NFT art—alien art—that consists of one hundred hand-made PFPs and twenty 3D animations.

Creechers of Creetopia is a utopian-themed NFT project made of collectibles that will inhabit Creetopia, a digital playground initially free of earthly concerns.

Founded in the year 2525, Creetopia is a healthy and pristine planet with similarities to earth. In this utopia, scientists unanimously agree that the Creechers of Creetopia are highly advanced and the planet has few of the issues affecting planet earth (crime, disease, pollution and hate).

The beautiful, colorful Creechers are fluid and are a far cry from the copy-cat NFT projects often released today. The Creechers are 100% original. They can be used to represent yourself, a brand, or your new profile pic. Digital art can be placed in online galleries and in a future metaverse.

A detailed roadmap is on our website

Mindrain is one of the few women-owned NFT studios. The company aims to be a beacon for other women who aspire to bring NFT projects to the marketplace.

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