Crazy Flowers

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March 10, 2023 – March 17, 2023





Crazy flowers are extraterrestrial plants located in the Ethereum world. Each flower is unique and has its own crazy twist. Some flowers appear younger and some may appear older. Some have an "innocent" face, some are acting wacky and crazy like they truly are, some are angry, and some are feeling sad. Some are indoors causing chaos while the humans are gone, some are outdoors camouflaging with non-crazy flowers, while some are more bold and are taking the world on as it is, and some seem to be posing for a photography shoot.

Crazy Flowers art is a blend of realistic 2D, 3D, & photographic styles.

There are 3000 known crazy flowers roaming around being degens. Their origins are not known, and we don’t know if they are the last of their species or if there’s a planet out there with more of these mflowers, if there is they are probably way more advanced as a species.

Tags: #art

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