Corporate Fruits

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November 20, 2021 – November 20, 2021





Our new collection “Corporate Bananas” is a collection of 1111 unique collectables randomly generated from the Solana Network with different traits. 

We are proud to announce along with our art the money generated will go towards our unique utility, to take the NFT space to the next level. The money will go towards experts and developers that will create the most advanced, in-depth & innovative online courses on entrepreneurship that all our holders will have access to and benefit from.

Your art piece will work as a private key, where you will be able to access our courses with it, and when your are done you can sell your "license key" to someone else, which will cange the whole industry of courses.

Bananas : 1111
Mint price : 0.9 SOL
Mint date : 20th November

We are looking forward to seeing you in the community.

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