Colours & Letters First Drop!

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September 06, 2021 – September 09, 2021






The first and only randomly generated colours & letters NFT! With only 3,190 current combinations and only 50 NFTs released a week, combinations are scarce!!! Our algorithm contains 11 possible colored backgrounds and the same 11 possible colours for all 26 letters. One in 22 NFT's have a chance of being a solid colour, meaning the background and letter are the same colour. There are endless possibilities for collecting our NFTs from letters and colors, to even spelling a word on your profile. Our NFT's are scarce because we only release 50 a week so get them while you can!

look out for our 4 rare characters each drop!

the upside-down magenta j
the inverted red A
the upside-down inverted blue C
the yellow &

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