Coca-Cola, GMUNK, and to Release FIFA World Cup-Themed NFTs

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December 12, 2022 – December 14, 2022





To bridge passion for soccer, beautiful art, and blockchain, the leading global beverage brand Coca-Cola has teamed with and a prolific digital artist GMUNK for a collection of 10,000 NFTs. The outstanding non-fungible series will offer rooters to own a piece of history created by the best teams, participating in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

The collection will be based on the so-called 'heatmaps' inspired by the teams' on-field attacks, tackles, and goals. All NFT artworks will be created by the creative genius GMUNK who has been working with Hollywood, having designed the holographic content in Tron: Legacy and Oblivion. The core idea behind the collection is to combine digital art and soccer thanks to the unique technology of tracking the players' in-game movements during the World Cup. The upcoming drop will deliver magical moments for rooters via the NFT platform.

To participate in the endeavor soccer fans have to create an account or sign-up at the NFT platform, register on Coca-Cola’s Fanzone page, and click on the NFT banner. Upon doing so, the rooters grab a chance to own a Coca-Cola Piece of Magic NFT inspired by FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Coca-Cola's Fanzone is the brand's digital hub, created specifically for the FIFA World Cup 2022. The platform's key features, including Leaderboard, Promises, and Believers Predictions, allow participants to interact with each other, while also testing their soccer awareness through an on-site global competition.

"At its core, Coca-Cola ‘Piece of Magic’ uses football data as our paintbrush, defining densities, behaviors, and applications of color to shape and create an immersive piece of art that embraces the spirit of football and depicts a visual story unique to each match,” GMUNK said.

Following the artists sought, Steven Kalifowitz, Chief Marketing Officer at continued: “This year’s FIFA World Cup will be the first to leverage Web3 technology. It’s a privilege to partner with Coca-Cola and GMUNK to memorialize these historical matches that will forever be captured on the blockchain. Together we are creating a completely new form of memorabilia.”
Thus, the 10K-piece stunning NFT series, bringing magical moments right from the pitch to the blockchain, will allow holders to own these memorabilia forever. GMUNK’s ‘heatmap-inspired' NFTs will capture the players' athleticism and performance while celebrating the history-making World Cup in Qatar.

Coca-Cola has long become a symbol of holidays and festive vibes. Feel the spirit of the greatest soccer tournament and don't miss out on a chance to own an exclusive artwork commemorating the World Cup 2022!

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