Cicek Gallery x Berfin Cicek

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February 01, 2022 – February 08, 2022





Cicek launches on OpenSea — the world’s leading NFT marketplace — to curate Cicek’s first ever on-chain NFT auction.

Cicek Gallery x Berfin Cicek kicks off on 1 February with an on-chain auction hosted on and curated by Cicek Gallery. Through the OpenSea platform collectors can now discover and purchase Cicek’s-curated NFTs via the Ethereum blockchain. The auction will be open for bidding on 1 – 8 February.

The sale features a cutting-edge selection of NFTs curated by Cicek’s resident artist Berfin Cicek, including highlights such as Suppression, Real London and Dalston + Dalston by the remarkable artist Berfin Cicek.

Join us on OpenSea as Cicek boldly embraces the blockchain channel and journeys into a new era for NFT sales.

British Kurdish artist Berfin Cicek's contemporary cubism paintings evokes feelings and memories derived from the world around her through vibrant colours, shapes and bold lines expressing reality in a playful manner.

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