Chapter 1: Light

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March 14, 2023 – March 15, 2023





What's the common point between Tolkien, C.S. Lewis... ?
They both had the power to access a very peculiar place: the world of imagination.
Artists have been building this world since the dawn of times. Those who were inspired by it, have created the most beautiful universes.

999 spots are opening on March 14th, 2023 for the Chapter 1 of the new fantasy universe of Faerian. Faerian was created by a passionate of fantasy art & literature, supported by numerous artists and fantasy fans alike. 
This is the first collection of many others to come, always in fantasy realms.
+60% of the revenues go back to the artists. 

  • No metaverse. No videogame. No AI. 
  • Human artists. The NFTs are based on original digital & traditional artworks.
  • Pure, beautiful fantasy art cards on the theme of "Light" curated to inspire you, giving you windows to imaginary worlds, with a bunch of cool prizes, raffles, artbook, and a secret 1,000th artwork reveal with a secret artist.
  • 999 Pocket NFTs with various rarity traits (Ultra Rare, Rare, Normal and Twin), including superpowers, by 6 actual human artists who worked for MTG, Lord of the Rings online, and were even selected for NFT.NYC 2023, like Jakub Jagoda and David Demaret.

May fantasy inspire you!

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See you soon on Faerian!

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