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September 19, 2022 – September 26, 2022


Magic Eden



Cakez is a collection of 5,555 NFTs created as a treat for the community, built and run by the community. 

With over 150 traits from chocolate cake, custard and sprinkles to 3D glasses, angel wings and skeletons. We have a huge range of traits, some are delicious and some are just super trendy.

We aim to allow the community to develop this project as they wish with 0% royaltys on secondary and genius marketing, we will provide all the encouragement needed but zero endorsement. 

Our artist is from the United Kingdom and is as proffessional as it gets creating incredible branding for us across all platforms. We have an incredible logo, banners, animation and of coarse the collection all from this one incredible artist.

Whilst the rest of our team consists of the owner a passionate Baker that has an online store selling actual real life cakes locally and a developer that can handle any request and deliver in incredible time we are an unstoppable force.

Marketing has already started and we will continue this until we get the project off the ground and give the community a great head start, we only a twitter to encourage and host great collabs and giveaways!

Cakez, a community run PFP project that will takeover Solana. Piece of cake!

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