Café 11 membership NFTs by Hennessy x Friends With Benefits

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November 04, 2022 – November 08, 2022




The renowned global cognac brand Maison Hennessy has joined efforts with the web3 agency Friends With Benefits to release a joint NFT project. This is a harmonious combination of a membership offering, a cultural community, and a series of exclusive events across the globe, having a cafe as a centerpiece of the NFT artwork. 

The creators were drawing inspiration from the free-thinking café society of 1920s Paris, having given it a bold new take. As the cafe has always been a place to indulge in reverie and give birth to new ideas, it perfectly fits as the embodiment of Hennessy and Friends With Benefits intentions, namely to launch the series of audacious ventures. 

The first undertaking features 1765 NFTs, entitled Café 11, which pays tribute to the year of Hennessy's foundation and serves as a pass to an exclusive experience at Art Basel Miami 2022 in December.

To celebrate the Hennessy x Friends With Benefits collaboration, a real-life event with themed conversations, cognac testing, live music performances, world-class culinary experiments, exhibitions, and other experiences will be initiated as part of Art Basel. 

Thus, Café 11 NFTs allow holders to unsurpassed real-life and virtual events, where Hennessy fans and Friends with Benefits community members can meet, share, and create. Moreover, each NFT also provides early-bird access to future collections.

The series of digital assets was designed by famous New York-based artist, John Dessereau, while Friends With Benefits served as a creative agency. The NFT collection went on sale on November 4th, at $450 apiece, and is still available for purchase. 

Embrace the exclusive spirit of creativity, and own a key to multiple cultural moments backed up with a passion for art and exclusive spirits by minting a Café 11 NFT. Be quick, as the collection is extremely limited in editions!

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