Bunny Banditz

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May 15, 2022 – May 22, 2022





Bunny banditz nfts are one of a kind degen bunnies living on the blockchain. Owning an nft from our current season, bunny banditz season 1.5, will grant you special token holder access and utility.

This is hands down a pure fire collection of degen bunnies. Low gas erc-721 smart contract.

Special access - bunny banditz season 1.5 holders receive access to the #down-the-  channel.

300 whitelist spots for the upcoming bunny bandoodlz project will be raffled out amongst bunny banditz season 1.5 holders. 20% mint discount for wl only.

Airdrops/merch giveaways - special nft airdrops and merch (such as sticker packs and bunny banditz gear) will be given away randomly and/or periodically, exclusively to verified season 1.5 nft holders.

Guaranteed bunny banditz season 2 airdrop - nft airdrop for our official season 2 project when it drops later this year.

After the mint is complete, 10 randomly picked bunny banditz season 1.5 holders will win the opportunity to work with bunny banditz team  to have a custom bunny banditz created for them as part of a limited edition collection.

Eth giveaways -

We will be giving away a total of $50,000 worth of ethereum to verified bunny banditz season 1.5 holders. For the entirety of the bunny banditz season 1.5 project mint we will be giving away 0.5 eth after every 300 mints.

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