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January 29, 2023 – February 05, 2023



Welcome to BULBmoji NFTs

Are you ready to change the game and level up your experience on BULB? 

BULBmoji NFTs have arrived, marking a major milestone in our team's roadmap and are guaranteed to shake things up. The NFT launch on January 29th at 12pm AEST will allow users to increase earning capacity, use daily energy more efficiently, trade BULBmoji’s with others in the community and showcase community status.

What is a BULBmoji NFT?

In short, a BULBmoji NFT is a special type of BULBmoji that affords you different perks when it is activated. Depending on the type of NFT you have, you will be able to earn more BULB points and use less energy for every action on the platform, such as writing, sharing, moderating, commenting, reading, and reacting.

Essentially, your usual BULBmoji reaction buttons are tokenized into NFTs and transformed to help you boost your rewards.

How Do BULBmoji NFTs Work?

BULBmoji NFTs have two key utilities or 'perks':

Boost your earnings: You receive more earnings for performing the same 'action'

Reduce your energy consumption: You use less energy for the same 'action'

The type of perk you receive depends on the class of BULBmoji NFT activated. There are 30 different types of BULBmoji NFTs that you have the chance to receive, and each BULBmoji NFT is classified according to class and rarity.

So, there are 6 classes of BULBmojis for writing, sharing, moderating, talking, reading and reacting, and there are also 5 rarities, which are Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Champion.

By combining the BULBmoji class with the NFT rarity, you will get BULBmojis like a "Common Writer", "Legendary Moderator" or "Epic Reader", and this creates 30 distinct combinations of rarity and class. Each NFT will have a unique look but ultimately falls into one of the 30 categories.

Here's a nice summary of all the different types of NFTs you have the chance to get:

As you can see, each rarity has a different power level. The rarer the BULBmoji NFT, the more your points will be multiplied and the more energy you will save for completing the same action. 

100 BULBmoji NFTs will be released when BULBmoji NFTs are initially launched in January 2023. These include 5 Writers, 30 Readers, 30 Reactors, 15 Talkers, 15 Sharers and 5 Moderators. 

Why Should You Get a BULBmoji NFT?

By purchasing a BULBmoji NFT pack, you’re essentially boosting your earnings capacity whilst saving energy at the same time. This helps you maximise your BULB points, helping you rank higher on the weekly BULB leaderboard and earn more BULB Tokens for the same work

How Do You Buy and Sell a BULBmoji NFT?

There are two ways for you to buy a BULBmoji NFT:

Buy a BULBmoji pack from the Shop menu

Buy a BULBmoji NFT from the BULB NFT Marketplace

Option 1: BULBmoji Packs

When buying a BULBmoji pack, you can purchase one of three options:

A Bronze pack where you have the chance to receive a Common, Rare or Epic BULBmoji NFT. Price: 10,000 BULB Tokens

A Silver pack where you have the chance to receive a Rare Epic or Legendary BULBmoji NFT. Price: 20,000 BULB Tokens

A Gold pack where you have the chance to receive an Epic, Legendary or Champion BULBmoji NFT. Price: 50,000 BULB Tokens

Option 2: BULB NFT Marketplace

If you didn’t get a chance to buy a BULBmoji pack, didn’t receive the particular BULBmoji NFT you wanted or you want to buy a BULBmoji that has already been levelled up, you also have the option to purchase a BULBmoji NFT through the in-platform BULB NFT Marketplace. The price of each BULBmoji NFT is denominated in $SOL and depends on the NFT’s market price. Each transaction completed on the BULB Platform will be subject to a flat 2% transaction fee and a 5% royalty fee. 

To buy a BULBmoji NFT:

Visit the Marketplace tab and browse the BULBmoji NFTs for sale

Select the BULBmoji NFT you’d like to buy

Click buy and the NFT will be transferred directly from the seller to your Solana wallet!

Alternatively, if you received a BULBmoji NFT that isn’t your cup of tea, you can also sell it through the NFT Marketplace in SOL. If you’d like to sell: 

Go to the Marketplace tab

Select the BULBmoji NFT you want to sell

Type in the price you want to sell it for and click the option to sell. Please note that different BULBmoji rarities have different floor prices

All done! Your BULBmoji NFT will now be listed in the marketplace until sold or the listing is cancelled. 

That’s all you need to know about BULBmoji NFTs! If you want to learn more visit https://www.docs.bulbapp.io to learn more! 

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