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March 09, 2023 – March 16, 2023





Formed by the skipper Captain John Blackeye aka BAYC #634…BYC is the most exclusive yacht club on the Ethereum blockchain.

Only 1000 passes to enter the club will exist, with just 1000 available in the first collection.

Entry to the club gives holders access to Lady Amanda, our 100ft super yacht which will be THE hub for events and networking.

Members can also enjoy access to:

  • The exclusive community of luxury yachting
  • $YACHT Airdrops
  • The YachtVerse
  • The YachtDao
  • Custom BYC merchandise
  • Discounts on all things yachting
  • Exclusive events such as the Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival

Mint Price: 0.1 ETH

Lady Amanda:

Join our discord to be part of the most exclusive club for yachting, networking, and events


Is your smart contract gas efficient?
Yes, the gas contract is one of the best in the space, fully optimized.

Who are the devs behind the project?
Web3Management What does each pass give the right to? - Pass holders will be eligible for Yacht Coin drops, the currency that will be used in the Yachtverse.

What’s the difference between each pass?
There are three levels of passes: Flipper, Deckhand and Sailor. The higher the pass, the higher the amount of Yacht Coin you’ll receive and the Yachtverse access and experiences.

How much Yacht Coin is allocated per NFT holder and what's the total supply?
This will be announced after the mint. The total supply will be 10 Billion.

What is the Yachtverse?
Whilst the Metaverse is an upcoming technology that will revolutionize the world, we believe that people will still need a physical experience. The Yachtverse combines the digital Metaverse experience with the Physical yachting experience. NFT holders will be able to access unique cruises and events as well as being part of a community that will build sustainable sea living ecosystems.

Where will the physical Yachtverse be?
M/Y Lady Amanda is stationed in the Mediterranean, we’re starting our experiences there, which includes the French Riviera, Corsica, Sardegna, the Italian and Spanish coast and Islands, etc. The events on board to name a few will be the Cannes Film Festival, F1 Monaco Grand Prix, San Remo Music Festival, Voiles de St Tropez and many more. As the Yacht fleet grows, the regions will expand and so will the events.

What is the Yachtfleet?
The Yachtcoin DAO Foundation will be a charity that will invite other Yacht owners to get “Bored”. A Bored yacht owner is someone who would offer his yacht for the Charity of their choosing or the Yachtcoin DAO Foundation, and the Bored Yachts Clubs community will bid on their yacht. That way, NFT holders will have access to not only M/Y Lady Amanda, the original yacht of the collection, but also to an entire yacht fleet, built with time.

What’s the purpose of the Yachtcoin DAO Foundation?
The purpose of the Foundation is to build and promote sustainable sea living solutions. More details will be revealed later on.

What’s the difference between holding the NFT and directly paying for these events?
The purpose of the Bored Yachts Club is to democratize yachting, which means to make it available to the masses. Through our collection we not only hope to get cheaper access to these experiences, but also to make them accessible in various manners. Through the Yachtcoin drops but also through rewards for the work that each NFT holder can execute to help us build the community.

What makes your NFT collection unique?
The recent crypto market selloff showcases that projects without a solid foundation can't survive. In the NFT space, the attention is going towards utility. We believe that, unlike many other collections, we give the ultimate utility to NFT holders. Yachting is one of the most luxurious experience on Earth, and our collection is democratizing it. Also, having access to real utility will make our collection economically sustainable, with a strong potential to grow.

Who is John Blackeye?
John Blackeye is Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT member #634. He is the first digital character that owns a Yacht.

What’s the story behind John Blackeye?
It is an interesting story, that will be built with the community, and that will unravel throughout the life of the project. John Blackeye is the Captain guiding the community on board the Yachtverse.

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