Bored Llama Farm Club

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April 01, 2023 – April 08, 2023



BLFC is a unique collection of 10,000 bored Llama NFTS created on the Polygon network. Your own unique Llama grants you access to exclusive membership only events, gives you the rights to ownership and commercial use ,and gives you airdrops and early access to future events on the roadmap.

First exclusive access is to the BLFC BARN, an exclusive club where members and $BLFC holders will meet each other in the most exclusive places.

When you purchase a Bored Llama or $BLFC tokens, you are not only buying a JPEG or an avatar - you are buying yourself a membership card that gives you access to the most exclusive barn in the world. Your Bored Llama will open doors for you that you have never seen before.

The BLFC BARN will be operational after the public mint Is 100% sold out. It gives access to wallets holding minimum one Llama and $BLFC tokens. The barn is the place to hang out with Llama friends, discuss the next events, drink expensive beers and champagne and puke on the floor.

With every Bored Llama sold we allocate 50% of any fee or token airdrop value to buy back the token πŸš€. If royalties apply, a 5% royalty fee will stand, and 2.5% goes to buybacks and In the situation we receive platform token airdrops (BLUR), these will be sold to support the same mechanics. Total $BLFC supply: 100,000,000 stealth launched on UniSwap.

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