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May 14, 2022 – May 21, 2022



We are BlueCollaredCats, I, Conner am the creator of this project and I am a blue collared man. I have been building gas stations for the past five years, from pipefitting, drainage, grading, operating, and concrete. My main focus with building this community is to inspire your average working person to get involved with investing in their future, from NFTs to Real Estate. Retirement is a dying program with inflation rates, 401k plans just aren't enough if you plan on retiring early. We are based on the polygon blockchain and we decided to go with polygon due to the low gas fees. We also have capped to 6 NFTs per wallet address, both of these to be more inclusive and lower initial costs for investors. The floor price will also rise with each minting opportunity ensuring a return on your investment.

Currently our NFTs are ready to mint on our website and will be viewed through opensea. For more info and our dicord :

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