Bloomverse Founding Fighter nft Collection

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July 01, 2022 – July 08, 2022


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Bloomverse Founding Fighter BFF NFT Collection 

  • Bloomverse’s first NFT collection is a 5,000 release named Bloomverse Founding Fighter NFT collection or BFF for short.

  • Founding Fighters are the first NFTs created by the Bloomverse Initiative. 

  • The BFF Collection showcases Bloomverse’s design and graphical character.

  • Bloomverse rewards the earliest adopters of the initiative with a unique collection that will only be created once and comes with exclusive utilities such as but not limited to:

  • Ticket Purchasing access to our private parties and events

  • Limited Edition merch access

  • Access to BLOOM token private sale

  • Voting Rights within the BFF community

  • Giveaway events enrollment

  • A chance of winning a limited edition Bloomverse Hoodie

  • Holders enter our 50,000, 100,000, 500,000 and 1 Million bloomies (+/- 1,000 usd)

  • Weekly contests

  • Generate bloomie and benefit accumulation

  • Once the game launches, Bloomverse Founding Fighters holders will be honored with BFF privileges to get a head start on our leaderboards and earning capabilities.

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