Block Heroes – First Ever Collectibles With 1001 Hand-Drawn NFTs (Raffle Phase)

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December 04, 2021 – December 04, 2021





Block Heroes is an upcoming tatical RPG in which players will have the chance to play PVE, PVP and Tournaments, with token and nft prizes. 

The main way for now to get a Block Hero is by joining our Discord server and win a Raffle, this is a unique way to get yourself a NFT.
Once we reach Hero #500 the raffles will stop and there is going to be a final public sale, grab one hero till its floor is low.

Each of the 1001 Block Heroes is hand-drawn with unique properties and levels, making tactical strategy and teamwork essential. 
Collect your Block Heroes, and grab a limited, one-time use, fusion machine.  Activating a fusion machine combines the strongest of the seven attributes of two Block Heroes, creating a new third, Fusion Block Hero. 
The Fusion Block Hero has extraordinary power when properly fused, far beyond what either Block Hero would have individually. 

We also have our Marketplace, where people can trade, sell and buy items, equipments, weapons and much more.

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