Block Heroes – First Ever Collectibles With 1001 Hand-Drawn NFTs

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October 15, 2021 – October 15, 2021





Block Heroes are cute animated characters that come from a far-away fantasy world.

We go against every NFT standard and we're doing the first-ever hand-drawn collectibles, because people deserve to own something unique.

How our heroes will drop: since we do unique things, also our drops will be unique 😉

Hero #2 to #21 = Private Sale (Sold Out).
Hero #22 to #50 = Public Sale on Opensea, the sale starts on the 15th of October at 5 PM GMT+2 
Hero #51 to #920 = Raffle on the Discord server. This is a unique way to get an NFT for yourself. There will be weekly raffles, where you can participate for free (you need to invite 3 friends in the server to be eligible). There will be around 20 new heroes available every time. If you win, a random hero will be associated with your wallet, and after that, you will have 48 hours to mint it (this is useful to avoid high ETH fees: you have 2 whole days to mint whenever the fees are low!). Not redeemed heroes will move to a public sale (check the website to see how the prices increase).

50 Heroes are reserved for events/giveaway

20 are named Mythical heroes. Wait... Mythical heroes?

Yes, exactly! This is something new, that nobody ever did before.

The only way to get a Mythical hero is by summoning. To summon a hero, you need a combination of them, following a simple example:
To summon the hero nr. 1 you need the heroes #11 + #35 + #123 + #222; once you have all 4 heroes, contact our support, they will check that everything is regular and then you will receive your free Mythical! 
Note: Summons can be activated only once. The website is the best place to check what is still available.

Aaaand this is not the end! Our collection has a little story because our GIF heroes are more than moving images!

The Story:

Far away in the Blockchain, there was a big fantasy world, where people lived peacefully... One day a random group of villains suddenly appeared in the Blockchain, they came from another world and everyone called them "The Miners".

That occurrence brought in the whole world chaos and despair, while a selected group of heroes fought to restore peace, there were some who took advantage of the situation to bring out their true evil nature... and others seemed to care only about the safety of their hometown.

Who will you join? Which hero, group, alliance or town are you going to support?

The Heroes need you, in order to feel stronger and fight for something they believe in.

We hope we intrigued you and that you understand that we are different from the other NFT projects. We also wish to see you on our discord server 🙂

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