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A collection of 6969 unique Blobbs! The special feature of our collection is that Blobbs have four different evolutionary stages. 100+ Assets.

Evolution 1:
Probability: 59.94% (4177 Blobbs)
The first Evolution of the Blobb is his mere existence. It’s only one little ball of goo which moves around trying to find food to gain energy. At this stage they don’t do much except looking cute.

Evolution 2:
Probability: 29.95% (2087 Blobbs)
Whenever the little Blobb gains enough Energy to evolve into the second stage he grows a body. Which makes it way easier to move around to get food. It also makes it easier to tell the difference between other Blobbs, since the color they evolve into can vary as well.

Evolution 3:
Probability: 9.97% (695 Blobbs)
Once they evolve into their final form they grow their most defining features, which makes it very easy for humans to tell them apart. Some grow horns, some grow ears and some even grow wings and learn to fly. Once again they also can change their color - again depending on where they live during their evolution.

Evolution 4 (Animated):
Probability: 0.14% (10 Blobbs)
The last evolution - after reaching their final form - doesn’t change much about their appearance anymore. The only change they go through is about their personality. At this stage they become independent and seek out their own spot to lead their own little hoard of Blobbs.

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