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June 16, 2022 – June 30, 2022





For all the Bitcoin Believers out there: Presenting “BitcoinHigh”, NFTs centered around collectible BTC Cards that take you on the journey of the number ONE cryptocurrency.

These NFTs tell the story of Bitcoin through the years, starting in 2009 and aiming to end in 2030 (on a weekly basis - maximum supply: 2,886 Cards in total):

  • BitcoinHigh Cards (level 1): important milestones and average prices achieved by BTC each week
  • BitcoinHigher Cards (level 2): biggest price jumps achieved by BTC each week
  • BitcoinHighest Cards (level 3): record highs reached by BTC each week

At the end of every new year and up until 2030, 52 new Cards will be put up for sale.

The cards are linked to a ".crypto" art gallery. Moreover, some BTC Cards are extra special. Whether displaying the biggest price jump of the year, the record high of the year or a major event, they all have a diamond in the bottom right corner.

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