BigHeaded SOL Babies

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January 28, 2022 – February 01, 2022





The BigHeaded SOL Babies are a collection of 5555 unique digital collectibles and they are currently living on the solana blockchain and have woken up from there nap time and are ready to play in the metaverse so join there community today and get involved in there never ending adventures!

All these NFTS are Hand-Drawn By A 15 Year Old!

20 Genesis BigHeaded SOL Babies/ 5555 Original BigHeaded SOL Babies..

BigHeaded SOL Teenager Will Be Coming Shortly  After 45% Of NFTS Have Been Sold Out!

Your probably wondering how and we got the answers after we have achieved 45% of sales we will be offering the baby holders a chance to grow with us by fusing 2 of there NFTS and yes you will need 2 of these BigHeaded SOL Babies and watch them grow infront of your eyes in a 4 hour time phrase and every hour you will be able to track the progress to see how well your baby is doing!

We Offer Great Utility Such As Staking And Fusing To All Our BigHeaded SOL Baby Holderss And Many More!

Please feel free to ask any questions and for further information check the website out ! 

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