Bigger Perspective NFTs

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January 20, 2023 – January 27, 2023





This will be the most engaging NFT community out there

First of its kind NFT Project!

Monthly Collection Drops! 

Bigger Perspective NFT's are not just a NFT they are a puzzle piece part of a bigger picture. Without this piece, it renders the entire picture incomplete. When you own this image piece, you are now directly part of something bigger: the bigger picture. Owning an image piece also means now you're part of the Bigger Perspective community. Each collection has its own pieces, but those pieces will play a role in some other collections in the future as well. You must always keep an open mind and focus on the bigger picture the Bigger Perspective.

Senseless Beauty Collection

First Collection

  • 64 image pieces with their codes and 26 copies of each piece. 1664 total pieces for the first collection.
  • .05 ETH floor price.
  • FIRST person to collect will image pieces and their codes will be the ONLY person to unlock the Final image NFT and receive 1.2 ETH.

The Goal- 

The Goal of Bigger Perspective NFTs is to have an engaging community of people that every month owns, trades, and collects their way to be the first to unlock the Final NFT and receive 1.2 ETH.

Check out the website for roadmap and details on the project!

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-First collection available for minting 1/20/23 on Open Sea.

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