Betta NFTs

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May 14, 2022 – May 21, 2022

ABettaMeta is excited to announce the creation of BETTA NFTs. These NFTs will have real utility inside our metaverse project, ABettaMetaverse, which aims to serve as a host to all metaverses, allowing you to play your favorite games or other metaverse projects directly inside our project, all from your favorite web browser, completely for free.

These NFTs will give you unique permissions & extra functionalities inside ABettaMetaverse that will be impossible without holding one of our NFTs. Exact details tba.

You also get valuable information from each unquie NFT in the form of a recommendation of cryptocurrency projects we see value in in the future, & those we think you should stay away from (valuable token top left, poo coins top right).

We are also designing our own FREE Binance Smart Chain NFT exchange, where we charge 0% fees to list, sell & buy your NFTs! BETTA NFTs allow you to make a statement & show support for popular news organizations like the JRE & InfoWars, underground cryptocurrency project creators like Richard Heart or Reggie Middleton or meme-worthy megastars like Elon, CZ, or the legend John McAfee.

BETTA #NFT BEP-721 smart contract has officially been created, allowing users to mint BETTA #NFTs with BETTA token or #BNB. Starting mint price is 0.2 BNB (≈$66) or 43 billion BETTA (≈$33). We minted the first 5 NFTs ourselves, checkout the transaction:

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