Beeple: the legendary artist

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April 26, 2022 – May 03, 2022





This nft is dedicated to "Mike winklemann"!

Michael joseph winkelmann, known professionally as beeple, is an american digital artist, graphic designer, and animator. He is known for using various mediums in creating comical, phantasmagoric works that make political and social commentary while using pop culture figures as references. 

His "Everydays: the first 5000" days digital work of art is a collage of 5000 digital images created by himself for his everydays series. This nft was sold for $69.3 million at christie's in 2021, making it second on the list of most expensive non-fungible tokens.

"Beeple" kept making a unique art for consecutive 5000 days, he never gave up, "His dedication and love towards art made him who he is today". He was honoured with gq artist of the year award in september 2021. 

"Beeple" - the legendary artist nft is professionally, digitally drew by sriram_exe.

Tags: #art

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