Battle Pups

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April 28, 2022 – May 05, 2022





Battle Pups - Battle Crate NFT Bundle Package

Wen Mint: Thursday April 28, 2022

WL Mint: 1 SOL
Public Mint: 1.25 SOL

Items in Package:

1.  Battel Crate NFT (Used for Staking)

2.  Bonus Battle Weapon NFT

3.  100 $BPUP Tokens Airdrop

4.  Discount of 0.5 SOL on Genesis Battle Pups Character NFTs (and all future mints)

5. 2x more XP for holders of the Battle Card NFTs (accompanies the genesis character NFTs)

6. Battle Pups NFT SWAG (one items such as t-shirt, hat, sticker will be selected)


100 random holders who mint the Battle Crate NFT Bundle Package will a BONUS Battle Pups Genesis Character NFT and all the utility that comes with it, including the Battle Pass and Battle Cards (unlocking 2x more XP!).  This is a fire deal! Nearly 1 out of every 5 people will receive a bonus Battle Pups Genesis Character NFT! Don't Sleep!!!  


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