Bad Babies

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January 28, 2022 – January 28, 2022





Bad Babies is a project created by a professional team of 7 people with the aim of developing a gamified community and grow it in the future.

We know the difficulties involved in creating a game, so we wanted to work well in the development creating a community that gives feedback. This way, we can test the interaction we want to achieve.

In Bad Babies the community will decide the path of the game and being a holder will have great advantages.

With this collection, you are guaranteed access to a community where you are not only the owner of an NFT, but also part of a community where you can participate in games, prizes and get profitability from your NFT.

Being the owner of a Bad Babies NFT gives you the possibility to be part of one of the four existing bands to fully immerse yourself in the Bad Babies community's differential, the 'Squad Battles'.

The band system consists of a series of tests and games through which they can win prizes and rewards that will be distributed or raffled by each band among its members.

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