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February 12, 2022 – February 19, 2022



Aquaverse is an ecosystem whose objective is to clean up the oceans through aquaculture. Our ambition is to link the technological revolution that is Blockchain to the ecological needs of our planet with the participation of our community and its active support.

Our first collection, the Guardians, represent this little known but essential species to preserve the harmony of the aquatic world, the ancestor of all animals: sea sponges.

This project aims to democratize access to sea cleanup by allowing each member of the community to take part in the project’s decisions and to own a part of the cleanup created, via our dashboard.

In the same line and by the next collections, we will develop a Free to play / Play-to-earn game in which each NFT will be a playable character and which its economy will support the positive impact of the project. As a team of gamers ourselves, we are convinced of the impact that NFT technology will have in the field of video games and we want to be part of this revolution.

Through our choices, we are shaping our future. Together, we have the power to create change and to hope for a better world for our generation and those to come.

On behalf of the crew, we are proud to present an ecosystem that will help to revolutionize the world, welcome aboard the Aquaverse.

Benefit's : 

- Guardians holders will receive Airdrops of $SPONGES (% on the secondary market these royalties are reserved only for the first holders (original Mint)

- Priority on aquaculture related investments

- The Guardian’s Council is a DAO only available to Guardian’s holders

  • In addition, Guardians can also be used in the Play to Earn Aquaverse Unknowns

Flash Sale : Feb 12th a few minutes before public sale 

Public sale : Feb 12th at 9pm (UTC) Mint price : 1.2 EGLD

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