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May 08, 2022 – May 15, 2022





ApeU is the first decentralized web3 university. Its mission is to use the power of web3 to promote knowledge sharing and enable the free flow of knowledge. Let's build the first decentralized web3 university together!

One meaning of ApeU is to solve this knowledge-sharing inequity situation. Whether you are an Ivy League professor or a 12-year-old teenager from a small tribe in an underdeveloped area of Africa, with joint efforts, ApeU are committed to building a decentralized knowledge-sharing platform to achieve the most public ideals with a non-public nature.

A web3 university knowledge-sharing content should be no longer guided by the rigid requirements of certificates. More importantly, in terms of practice, everyone should be able to prove their abilities in a decentralized way.

Based on the principles of minimalism, pragmatism and copyright protection, ApeU focus on the most required functions and needs for content creators. we will build a step-by-step process from web2 to web3 with our community. Let's take back the true rights from the big corporations.

At ApeU, we never get tired of overemphasizing the power of the community, our resolution is to find a different path in the web3 world. Providing the core toolkits that content creators need will always be our top priority.

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