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May 26, 2022 – June 02, 2022





ANYDINGS is a digital collection of unique high-resolution collectibles. Your new friends are cute, bitsy, moody, material-textured DINGS with more than 150 traits! The traits are textures you can find everywhere in your life... on the streets or in the nature... in summer or winter. The distribution of the variants is weighted differently, so there are very rare variants among the 3333 ANYDINGS-NFTs. Thus, each ANYDING is not only unique but also different rare!

Where do you see your ANYDINGS in your everyday life?

Watch out for our ANYDINGS-Ambassadors we are giving away on Twitter and Instagram along the way to our release. The Ambassadors are the vanguard of the offical ANYDINGS-release. Each Ambassador is a key for a whitelist-Spot.

Ambassador-Owners: 0.02 ETH
Presale: 0.03 ETH
Public Mint:0.04 ETH

Join our Twitter to get all infos and secure your Ambassador, because three of the next 200 followers will each have the chance to win ambassador.

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