Aku: Chapter III by Micah Johnson

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August 01, 2021 – August 01, 2021






Former Major League baseball player that turned into artist, Micah Johnson comes back to Nifty Gateway with a new NFT drop. On August 1st, he brings the Chapter III of Aku who chasing his dreams to the NFT Universe.

The Chapter that coming on August 1st is stated to be the most important one yet.

“When Aku’s journey is complete, each NFT will be compiled to form one story, one adventure, one kid who realized he had no limits to his dreams” – tells the description of the drop.

‘Aku: Chapter III’ is a 1 minute 22 seconds short film, priced at $999.00.

“The collection will be released as a 5-minute open edition. Who will be able to collect all 3 chapters???” – ask the artist.

Add the drop to your calendars not to miss the continuation of Aku story!

Tags: #art

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