Age of Sentinels - Male Knight

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December 19, 2022 – December 26, 2022



Age of Sentinels is proud to announce the upcoming launch of their Royal Male Knight NFTs coming to you before Christmas. And you get a FREE upcoming snow fox NFT as a bonus.

These NFTs are part of an upcoming Web3 open-world RPG, with play-and-earn features, and is currently being developed by Scilore Studios. From initial concept approval, intense lore writing, and developing core game-play mechanics, to now their 3d animated asset creation, SciLore Studios is ready to showcase their Male Knight NFTs.

In the upcoming game, Age of Sentinels’ survival and action will push the player's skills and abilities to the very limit. Choosing 1 out of 10 character classes, players can explore through the layered storyline, in a P&E NFT-integrated, open-world RPG that takes place in a Sci-Lore (Science Fiction/Folklore) universe. They must train on each of the 5 core planets to hone their skills whilst collecting in-game currency by completing training and executing missions across 5 open-world planets with the intent to protect the universe.

During a tale of good versus evil, you’ll level up by scouring through all that these visually dense worlds have to offer including unique trials, characters, conflicts, victories, and helpful utilities.

Three out of the five unique planets that are being created for this game, have had their lore fleshed out to the point that they have an organizational structure, creatures, landscapes, buildings, and much more.

If you think this sounds cool, the NFTs will leave you absolutely breathless. They are fully designed in 3D, rotating to show off their intricate armor. They were procedurally generated into 15,000 different variations and then hand-curated into a collection of only 500 male Knights with 5 different rarities. 120 of which have already been pre-sold in the concept phase.

These utility NFTs provide their owners with several real-world benefits, including membership to the exclusive Age of Sentinels community, in-game benefits, access to an NFT course, Play & Earn opportunities, early access to the game, and so much more.

An extra added benefit Age of Sentinels is creating, is a rental platform where you can lease out your Knight NFT asset, and make a real-world passive income.

So don’t miss out on this opportunity and place the launch of the Knight NFT in your calendar TODAY!

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