A-Tribe CNFT

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December 07, 2021 – December 13, 2021



Launch : 07 DEC 2021 08:00 PM UTC

Amount: 3,333 Mint price: 40 ADA


Islands are beginning to emerge deep within the Cardano blockchain. Groups known collectively as the β‚³-Tribe are being discovered and each one helps us learn more about the islands themselves.

These groups are being referred to as ‘Factions’, with 3,333 unique NFTs belonging to each one. Over 80 individual features ensure that no two members are the same.

The islands hold many mysteries, that will be unlocked as the β‚³-Tribe emerges on the Cardano Blockchain. As the secrets are uncovered they will find their way into the wallets of the community that holds them close.

We Support

Mental health is a subject close to the A-Tribe team's heart, that is why we have decided to donate a minimum of 5% of all project proceeds to a community chosen charity that helps young people navigate and manage mental health challenges.

As A-Tribe we are stronger.

Project Goals:

A-Tribe aims to create a community of people that will raise each other. We want to provide our holder with access to talks from experts in the NFT, Blockchain, Mental Health, Cognitive thinking space, and much more.

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