80s Cartoon NFTs

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January 22, 2022 – January 25, 2022





this collection is inspired by my favorite tv cartoon characters from the 1980s. ✏ 100% hand-drawn & animated by me, denny kurien. i'm a branding & design consultant based in toronto.

why buy my nfts?
each of my nfts allows you to unlock a special utility. the most prestigious nfts (level 5s) gets you a 2 hour branding & design consultation with me for your business / personal brand (including putting together your brand strategy & mood-boards). the others will get a downloadable copy of my e-book "how to brand & sell your expertise online".

why 80s cartoons?
i wanted to create a community of 80s loving geeks. these nostalgic cartoons all had a catchy theme song and shaped my entire generation growing up. weekday afternoons and saturday mornings were held sacred for tv viewing time. each month i will be drawing a new cartoon series with both the heroes, as well as the villains (and yes, the price will increase - based on the prestige level of the characters).

Tags: #art

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