69 Mixed Marvelous Mermaids just joined the Weird Whales in the Open Sea

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July 26, 2021 – August 11, 2021






O dost thou hear them, singing each to each,
Riding seaward on whales and crypto waves,
Holding coconuts aloft and blessing
Curious merchants and blithe sailors alike,
Granting good fortune to the chosen few.

All along the perilous OpenSea,
Sixty-nine frisky frolicsome sirens,
Derketo’s daughters, whether for barter
Or battle, by a stroke of whim or fancy
Might drown their hapless prey, should they be vexed.
Perchance thou art favoured, pray seek the duck,
Purple fruit, fabled ball – let thy index
Guide thee; mystic mermaids are down to pluck.

Tags: #art

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