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Vantage is a French music producer and artist based in Osaka, Japan. He is well-known for his outstanding style of making musical soundtracks in the Future Funk genre. In 2015, Vantage rose to fame after launching an EP featuring 4 tracks. Vantage started his career on Soundcloud by dropping top-tier remixes as well as exceptional and authentic releases. After that, he successfully cultivated a loyal fanbase through his artistic style, which combines sound and technology. A notable aspect of his productions is accompanying his music with imagery to speak to the audience. In Spring 2021, Vantage, in collaboration with a legendary house music icon, Todd Edwards, released a funky-disco hit, “Think I’m In Love.” Besides, he had released a successful project, “50/50,” which had more than 27 million global streams as of Summer 2021.

As of Summer 2021, Vantage had 2 NFT drops in collaboration with other artists on Nifty Gateway. They include:

  • Digital Destiny (ft Polygon)
  • A Moment of Fantasy (ft Ortie_rouge)

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