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Space Yacht

Space Yacht is a music recording record label originating from a weekly underground party-goers group in Los Angeles. The observance of the tradition without once breaking from the norm has enabled the group to grow into a perfect label and tastemaker brand in underground dance music and culture. The company’s founders are Henry Lu and Rami Perlman, who are linked to the LondonBridge brand. The duo has creative minds that help them organise over 100 impactful events annually in different countries worldwide.

The group is part of the radio show titled Space Yacht Radio which holds in-depth interviews all week long. Space Yacht releases NFT drops in phases that build upon the previous ones. They began with the Iconography Vol. 1, which launched on Nifty Gateway. It was closely followed by the Iconography Vol. 2 and Volume 3. The collections comprise animations by Sahir Khan and music by Space Yacht.

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