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Shams Meccea aka Smeccea is a 3D motion designer from Vancouver. Her artworks are often based on careful introspection. Smeccea is a creator behind the pieces that examine abstract ideas, spirituality, and self-discovery. She has also joined the NFT movement and has already dropped several NFT collections on Nifty Gateway, Foundation, and SuperRare. Smeccea can boast of several thousand fans on Instagram that appreciate her style and admire her artworks.

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Smeccea's past NFT Drops

  • Light worker and 3D motion designed – this is Smeccea (Shams Meccea) from Vancouver. She creates astonishing pieces of art that often examine abstract ideas, spirituality, and...

  • On August 16th, 3D motion designer and NFT artist Smeccea returns to Nifty Gateway with a new collection. Titled ‘ESSENCE’, it is for previous collectors of Smeccea’s NFT pieces. We...

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