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One of the biggest names in the NFT world, Shams Meccea, better known throughout the realm as Smeccea is a prolific motion designer from Vancouver, Canada. She was born in a family of doctors and engineers and was the first member to break the mold and delve into creative activity. 

Having tried multiple traditional painting and graphical techniques, and finding no response in them, Smeccea delved into digital art, which later paid off. In her work, Shams utilizes unified color palettes, whether she creates characters or natural motifs. The artist’s vibrant, authentic style brought her much acclaim, which resulted in multiple collaborations with top brands, musicians, and other celebrities. 

Smeccea dipped her toe into NFTs relatively recently, not without the filing of her artsy friends, Gavin Shapiro and Alexis, who had already succeeded in non-fungible tokens. That was how she decided to give NFTs a try and it worked. Today, her artworks like Cloud Chaser or Ilarya have five-digit price tags and are only supposed to add value with time.

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  • Light worker and 3D motion designed – this is Smeccea (Shams Meccea) from Vancouver. She creates astonishing pieces of art that often examine abstract ideas, spirituality, and...

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