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Secret Walls is an organisation aimed at bridging gaps in the entertainment, music, and art industries. The organisation connects celebrities and prominent individuals to their fans, professional brands, and consumers. Secret Walls began in 2006 with illustration battles that did not make any headlines. The first events were held in Shoreditch, London and only involved a few artists. The Secret Walls organisation is currently far-reaching, having traversed borders. It is now a full creative powerhouse bringing cutting-edge events and activations to more than 50 countries worldwide. One of the most iconic events arranged by Secret Walls is the 90-minute competition which gives teams of the best artists on the planet 90 minutes to see who can create the most insane work of art. The success of Secret Walls has led to collaborations with big brands like MLS, NBA, Vans and Bentley, producing cutting-edge live art experiences.

The first drop in NFT space by Secret Walls is ‘The Marker Mascot’ collection, launched in June 2021. It comprises a celebration of the fifteen-year storied history of Secret Walls.

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