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Raf Grassetti

Rafael Grassetti, professionally Raf Grassetti, is an art director, instructor, principal/lead character artist, and digital artist based in Los Angeles, California. He is well-known for his remarkable work in the entertainment industry. He currently holds the position of an art director at Sony Playstation’s God of War Franchise. Raf’s creative spark has been featured in over 70 projects spread out across 15 different companies which specialise in cinematic production, game art, television projects, printed advertisement, statue collection design and toy design. A few of the projects which have succeeded due to this artist’s involvement include successful videogames like Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Companies that have had the pleasure of having him on their payroll include Hasbro, Marvel and Ubisoft.

Raf’s first NFT drop was on May 2021 in the Nifty Gateway. The “Generations” collection comprises a series of unique digital sculptures inspired by the positive and negative perceptions of technology. It presents a different perspective of the Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul.

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Raf Grassetti's past NFT Drops

  • On May 31st, a digital and traditional artist as well as world-famous digital sculptor Raf Grassetti drops his NFT Collection on Nifty Gateway. Titled ‘Generations’, the...

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