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Photon Tide

Photon Tide aka Pho is a mixed-media artist and musician with a wide array of interests and activities, covering graphic and motion design, writing, music, and directing. His psychedelic, immersive, and somehow experimental digital art style is a benchmark for connoisseurs who even take Pho for their guru. 

Photon Tide has dedicated his life to art and never stops experimenting with shapes, plots, and emotions. The artist's works are trippy and dreamy, putting spectators in a state of trance and self-exploration. With his creative pieces, Photon Tide teaches his fans not to fear their inner selves but to take them as they are. Like many of his colleagues, Photon Tide has once discovered all the boons of decentralization, dipping his toe into the NFT art, and has been evolving in this direction since then.

Pho's characterful NFT works have been exhibited at NFT.NYC and Art Basel Miami. One of the most recent artist's creations, dubbed The Spiral, has already become Pho's most valuable NFT so far.

Set off on a psychedelic journey to your inner world, observing Photon Tide's striking art.

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