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Nathan Head

Nathan Head is a new age digital artist who has embraced the power of social media platforms to promote his magnificent works of art. He is a resident of Bournemouth, United Kingdom, his birth place. His artistic style involves capturing conventional images of natural surroundings and digitally adding dazzle to end up with dynamic, unique, and vibrant works of art. Reboot by Wonder Girls is his go to musical album when he wants inspiration for his next project. He also sparks his creativity with Korean pop music and anime.

His first entry into the NFT space was his debut “Flavors of Summer” collection which went live on 30th April, 2021. The drop features enticing NFT pieces that let you hear the sound of tropical waves, a subtle puff of wind, and pleasant touches of sun rays on your skin. After expiry of the first drop, Nathan is back to creating more pieces of his amazing work and hopes to be back with a bigger collection in the future.

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