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Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward is an American creative director, designer and developer based in Brooklyn, New York. He works on varied projects in the fields of design, storytelling and new technologies. Matthew attended Mosman High School and proceeded to do a design course at Enmore Design Center. After college, he worked as a graphic designer for Monster Children Group and directed art in various Australian institutions. He is listed as one of Gentleman’s Brand Co. founders and worked with global brands such as Facebook, Budweiser, National Geographic, Nike, Samsung, and more.

In addition, he has achieved various awards for his work, including the 2013 Men Of Influence by Men’s Style Magazine and a nomination in the 2019 Emmy Awards. Matthew was part of the Co-Creators in the HypeSneakrs NFT project alongside Elliott Risby. Later, he was invited to participate in the NFT Sneaker Talk live talk at the clubhouse in the spring of 2021. He has been featured in various NFT Sneaker Talks alongside other NFT artists focusing on sneaker designs.

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